Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Chryah | Aug 30th

Again, this is a long time ago ;D But Chryah and I got together and shot her in her old wedding dress :] She happened to be coming to Vancouver for a weekend, so we got together and made it work.

Chryah is amazing; seriously, there is nothing this girl wouldn't do. Climb in a tree? Sure. Sit on a fence? Done. Kick around a soccer ball? Yep. She was a sweetheart to work with :] And we had a blast!

Without further ado, here are the photos:

I loved the wind picking up her hair!

Field of DREAMS. For sure. It was gorgeous! (And a little bit itchy)

What did I tell you? She climbed in a TREE. In a wedding gown! So amazing!

I just loved the light in this one.

:D Reminds me of Anne Geddes babies in flowers.

Yay for twirling!

It was so much fun working with Chryah, since she was willing to do pretty much anything (even in a wedding dress!) What a trooper! Thanks for creating these stunning images with me!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Jason and Alina | Aug 20th

Jason is my old co-worker, and this is my SECOND (!!!) time shooting with them :) Alina and Jason got engaged earlier this year, and are getting hitched next July! But they love photos, and are taking a kajillion engagement photos. :3

They are super adorable and sweet together, with Jason being silly, and Alina loving his silliness. We shot at Ambleside in North (or West?) Vancouver. Is there anything better than sunset at a beach? Nope.

This totally reminds me of promotional posters for Asian dramas...

Yay for logs on a beach.

I've always wanted to do a shot like this! Finally did.

Super adorable! :) <3 <3 <3

Reflectors are also a must! (For happy, bright photos like this one!)

Thanks again, Jason and Alina! We'll probably shoot again before you guys get married! ;D

Sunday, September 20, 2009

What's Your Play - Dolce Pics

Laura over at Dolce Pics has this "What's Your Play" post every week, and she encourages us to play around with an image she uploads- so people can see how others edit some photos.

I think it's a neat idea, and like to play along once in a while. :D The original photo can be found here:

This is my edit:

I cropped it to be more square-ish, and edited in Lightroom 2. Here are the slider values I used:

Temp +2
Tint -2
Exposure +1.00
Recovery 67
Fill light 21
Blacks 7
Contrast +56
Clarity +25
Vibrance +55
Vignettes +52, Midpoint 76

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sandra and Starsha | Aug 19th

Ah, I'm so behind in blogging! A MONTH ago, I had the opportunity to work with Sandra and Starsha (who is from Alberta!) for a wood-nymph concept! :D Their friend actually made/owned the cool headpieces that they are wearing.

For this shoot, we hiked into the mountain biking path up at SFU, and were passed several times by bikers. Haha, fortunately they were going too fast to stop and gawk.

Starsha is a photographer too, and had brought along her strobes, so we lit these using her strobes. I even got a mini-lesson out of the session too.

It was pretty awesome, since these girls were super adventurous and were willing to climb onto tree stumps and everything!

Sandra played the prince, and Starsha was the princess. This is my favourite close up shot of the set.

According to Starsha, the tree trunk isn't terribly comfortable to sit on :D (And those leg/arm ribbons KEPT sliding, haha. There were a LOT of readjustments...)

This is when the prince meets the princess. (Ugh, I still don't know how to upload in the right order. I guess I have to upload in the REVERSE order that I want them to appear on the page. Hm).

This was a FUN shoot! Even the mosquito bites and scratched (from branches/wild flora) were worth it! Thanks for braving it out with me (making me brave), S&S!! :D

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Beat Ninjas | Aug 16th

I found the casting call for a photographer to photograph an up-and-coming local Hip Hop group: Beat Ninjas. I'm super flattered that I was chosen, and we had a blast! We shot around an old alley (that smelled a little funky), a nicer alley, and on the roof of a parkade! It was such a fun shoot, since they could do all these crazy tricks, haha.

This is Kieran, jumping off of a ledge of the parkade. (One of my favourites from the shoot)

Angela, being all ninja-like on the same ledge.

Cam, pulling a Spiderman-esque jump on a wall.

Group shot in the alley! (Love the light <3)

They could all jump super high!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

MacBook Pro!

My trusty old HP laptop died. Well, it caught a virus, and then died. My dad was able to rescue it by re-installing, but I decided to bid my 3.5-year-old laptop farewell.

I have several very persuasive Mac-using friends. Upon hearing that I needed a new laptop came a flurry of comments on my Facebook wall raving about their MacBooks, and how I should get one.

There were a few factors, one of the big ones being that the "Buy a Mac and get a free iPod Touch" promo was still on, that caused me to eventually take the plunge.

So now, I did it! I made the leap. I'm a (brand-new) Mac user, and I'm proud of it! I got the 13" MacBook Pro, with 160G of HD and 4G of RAM. :) I decided to splurge on the extra RAM. :D

*The screen is amazing. So much sharper/clearer/crisper than my old one. I already want the 24" LED Cinema Display! And it's so fast! The time needed for photos to render in Lightroom is significantly cut down :D :D :D *