Monday, June 29, 2009

Haylee | June 27th

I had a quick shoot with Haylee, who is Oliver's almost-3-years-old niece. I knew we'd hit it off right away since her favourite colour was ALSO pink AND she had a bow in her hair. We were destined to become besties!! She was also just super cool, and smiley.

Haylee found a pine cone and decided to investigate!

Haha, she was showing me her red tongue from the cherry sherbet she ate before she came.

Haha, of course, Uncle Oliver taught her how to "pound it." INCREDIBLE!!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Levi | June 19th

I knew that Melanie had a baby boy, Levi, in March. And she called me up recently to see if I would take his photos. :] Of course! He's such an adorable little fella! I haven't actually known a 3 month old baby in sooo long. I forgot how cute they are!

Levi, sitting in his rocking chair.

Super cute and curious!

Little pudgy feet/toes are the best.

Melanie and Levi

Aw, sleepy Levi

The shoot didn't last terribly long, since Levi missed his nap in the morning, and had to nap pretty soon. But I still got some adorable photos! :D Thanks for being so cute, Levi!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

I <3 California

I am a proud Canadian, but I must say that I love, love, love California! :D I was lucky enough to be there for 3 weeks in May for an extended vacation. Super thankful to all my friends who housed me/hung out with me for that time. I have just recently started/finished editing the photos that I like from the trip, and I wanted to post some here! :]

This is a giraffe from the San Diego Zoo. I caught him when he was chewing. Haha.

A peacock, also at the San Diego Zoo. He was glorious.

Super adorable seal flippers <3. We found a lot of seals on the beach in La Jolla.

I called this photo "Love Birds." But I know they're just sea gulls. I think they're adorable. (Except when they poop on people).

The following photo was taken with my friend's wide-angle lens. (I forgot which one it was though...) I was creeping on a random couple who happened to be at the Cliffs. :D

This is underneath the pier in La Jolla. I had never been under a pier until this.

Same pier.

Oh, a random <3 fence in San Francisco.

The Campanile on the UC Berkeley campus. :] I thought the leaves framed it nicely.

And of course, a cable car in San Francisco.

This almost sums up my 3 week vacation. I really love it there. I think it's all the sand, ocean and sun. (And of course, the happiest place on Earth!) I am seriously contemplating moving there after I graduate. I think I would really like it there!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ruby | June 13th

A total last minute shoot. :] Ruby told me she had a Juliet-inspired dress, and off we went to find the greenest part of Burnaby.

An interesting pose...

And Ruby also let me sneak into her house for a couple quick shots. This one by the window made the photo look incredibly vintage- and awesome.

We went outside again. I was on my belly in the grass for a fair bit of time that day. ;] I love, love, love the little yellow flowers!

Ruby insisted that she is such a tomboy. And to prove it, she climbed into this little creek and kicked water up.

I have recently realized that I adore profiles. I don't really know why, but I always take a few on every shoot.

A little problem I had when editing, as noticed, is that I couldn't get my stamp on all the images. I edited these in Lightroom using some presets I downloaded (, then exported the images. I then opened them in Photoshop, and I just couldn't save some of them after stamping with my name. Maybe it's the presets? I have no idea. I just left it for now. Maybe I won't use presets next time. (But I like how they turn out!)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What's Your Play- Laura

I came across Laura's blog at DolcePics, and decided that I should try it out! It's so much fun! :D :D

Here is her original photo, and how to play the game:

Here is my edit:

What I did:
-in Adobe Lightroom 2.o-
temperature +14
tint +14
exposure +0.19
recovery 14
fill light 10
blacks 14
brightness +21
vibrance +17
saturation -5

vignettes-lens correction
amount -64
midpoint 33

Monday, June 15, 2009

Availability and Booking

Sherry's Availability for Summer 2009:

Weeknights after 6pm

Weekends anytime (except: June 20, 21, 27; July 18, 19; August 15, 22)

Please e-mail me ( with dates that you are available and I will try my best to accommodate you.

Contact Information

Contact Sherry via


for any questions or bookings.

I will give you my cell phone number after the initial e-mails.


Portrait Session:

graduation, family, engagement, couple, children, babies, headshots, just-because
  • 90 minute session
  • $200 (either cash or personal cheque, due on the day of the shoot)
  • Location: Any location in the Lower Mainland (your home, local park, beach etc.)
  • I primarily use natural light, so I prefer outdoor locations. Or window light if we're shooting indoors
  • No limit of number of shots taken
  • You will get 20 fully edited photos at full resolution (as digital negatives) to do whatever your heart pleases :]
  • A model release will be signed on the day of the shoot (parent/guardian will need to sign if you are under 18 yrs old)

About Sherry

I am currently a student majoring in Molecular Biology/Biochemistry at Simon Fraser University. You might wonder how does that relate to photography at all. In fact, it doesn't. :]

For me, photography has always been a passion. Ever since I was 8 and received my first camera, I have been hooked. It wasn't until early 2008 before I became heavily involved with photography again.

As a very outgoing, people-person, I strive to make every shoot as comfortable for you as possible- all while creating amazing images that you can cherish forever. I would absolutely love to meet you and capture a small portion of your incredible life.

Sherry Lu