Saturday, July 25, 2009

Katie and Carlos | July 22nd

I had the pleasure of taking engagement photos of one of my best friends from high school, Katie, and her husband, Carlos. They had gotten married in France already (he's from there), but they've recently come back home to prepare for an August ceremony in Vancouver [which I will be shooting!]. We went to Burnaby Mountain Park, on the night of fireworks, so there were lots of people there. They are super sweet together, and I'm a little bit jealous that they are both moving to France after their ceremony here! Hopefully I'll get the opportunity to visit them!

Warning: this post has more images than usual!!

I love diptychs....

They are just so happy together!

Jumping shots are a necessity..

Thank you, sunset.

I can't get enough of triptychs...

Bokeh is also another love of mine.

Swings were meant for two

Mm, lens flare...

I think Katie's expression in this photo is priceless!

Thanks, you two! And you know who I'll be calling when I book my vacation to France!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Alison | July 10th

I went on a photoshoot with Alison on Friday. After picking out her wardrobe and everything, her mom actually invited me to eat dinner with them. Haha. So strange. It was good though! After that, we wandered around her neighbourhood looking for cool places to shoot. We even had a few wardrobe changes.

We saw this very cool old, broken bike. Of course, I had to snap a photo of it!

I realize now that none of my photos are in chronological order. Oh well. This was towards the end, when it started getting dark. We found a cool tunnel with a lot of graffiti!

I love, love, love the evening light! (And little jumps) I like odd things. This is pretty FANTASTIC!

Alison wanted a photo of her sitting in the middle of the street. I was more than happy to oblige. Of course, we both were looking out for cars!

I think this is my favourite from the day. A series shot of see/hear/speak no evil.

A very unique pose.

Haha, good ol' laundry room fun! :] Alison was a real trooper. Sure wasn't easy posing on top of a washer/dryer set.

Hm, this might be my favourite too. I adore bokeh, and this kind of light. I also tend to repeat myself a lot.

Thanks Alison, for a fantastic time!! :D I'm glad we spent time at the beginning of our shoot researching poses. Cause these shots are FAB.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Jenny | July 5th

Once I heard that Jenny had a darn sweet crinoline/petticoat, I kneeeew we had to use it during her shoot! :D This was the first time that I got to help pick out someone's wardrobe! It was pretty exciting. Like playing dress up- but for a person. (This must be what stylists do!)

We went to shoot by False Creek, right around where the Olympic Village is being built. I had no idea that there was such awesome little piers/benches there. (And super new too!) Not to mention, a pretty stellar view of Vancouver!

Jenny is super awesome, and I've known her for 2-ish years! She also had the awesome Betty Paige-inspired bangs. That, of course, had to be paired with RED lips! Yay. Enough rambling- on to the photos!

Jenny, by a little river/creek area.

I can't believe our luck! We found amazing tall grass in the MIDDLE of Vancouver! Wow.

Haha. What is a petticoat w/o twirling?! NOTHING. Obligatory spinning photo!

Sitting on these giant rock steps by the water

Jenny is a perfect porcelain doll!

This photo makes my heart fuzzy. The jump is amazing. The hair is perfect. The empty bridge was unbelievable. And the perfect symmetry of the skirt/petticoat is just the icing on top! (swoon)

The contemplative artist photo!

Thanks Jenny! You were fantastical. Thanks for showing me to this part of town that I had no idea existed!! :D

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sandra | June 30th

I shot Sandra with my friend Flo. Since he had a vintage-looking suitcase, we thought that a retro shoot would be pretty fantastical.

I have previously worked with Sandra before, so it was pretty awesome to work with her again! Yay.

Sandra, sitting on a rock with the suitcase.

I really like little jumps.

I loved this one too much to post-process it all vintage-like. So I left it. (This was taken with 2 strobes)

Same dealio with the previous photo.

I love the nonchalance of Sandra just sitting beside her suitcase.

Oh, and we found this SUPER sweet field with tall grass in the middle of BURNABY!!! Incredible. I want to go back, and live there.

I saw this fence, and I KNEW I needed a photo there. :D

Thanks Sandra, you were a doll! :D

What's Your Play 52 | Dolce Pics

This was too much fun, so I had to do it again!

Original photo and instructions can be found at Laura's site:

Here's my edit:

This time, I just upped the contrast and brightness in Photoshop, and blurred the skin a little bit.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Jason and Alina | June 27th

Right after my shoot with Haylee, I had an engagement shoot with Jason and Alina. I know Jason from my old co-op job from 2006. Him and Alina's wedding is in 2010, but they've been doing so many engagement sessions. (That's what happens when you have a lot of photographer friends!!)

Alina and Jason playing hide and seek. Kind of :]

On the AQ steps

I love Alina's laugh in this one!

This was my favourite from the session. It's 3 photos compiled lengthwise ;D